Julia Hashemieh

As a cutting-edge surgery center operator, Julia Hashemieh is critical in overseeing its operations. Under her meticulous guidance, this establishment has flourished into a symbol of excellence, offering state-of-the-art surgical solutions and unmatched patient experiences.

Before attaining her esteemed position as the CEO and President of Managed Health Care, she embarked on a dynamic career trajectory in the healthcare domain. Each step along her journey has enriched her with invaluable experiences, molding her into the dynamic leader she is today. Her reputation for excellence, unwavering commitment to innovation, and steadfast dedication to patient welfare have established her as a highly respected figure within the healthcare community.

With a Master of Arts in Economy from San Jose State University, she boasts a robust academic background. This educational pursuit has equipped her with the essential skills to comprehend the intricate interplay between healthcare and economic considerations. Armed with this knowledge, she is adept at making informed and strategic decisions contributing to the industry's growth.

While explicit details about her philanthropic endeavors remain undisclosed, Her profound dedication to healthcare and community well-being suggests her active involvement in charitable causes. Whether channeled through her company's initiatives, personal contributions, or advocacy efforts, her influence will likely extend beyond the boundaries of her professional duties.

Residing in Santa Clara, CA, she cherishes moments of tranquility and rejuvenation. An enthusiastic swimmer, she finds solace in the rhythmic strokes of the water, drawing parallels between the discipline of swimming and the structured realm of healthcare management.

For her, walking transcends mere physical exercise. It embodies a meditative journey, a time for introspection, and a chance to forge connections with the world around her. Whether navigating the bustling streets of Santa Clara or exploring serene trails, her walks mirror her life's journey – determined, purposeful, and perpetually advancing.

Julia Hashemieh's multifaceted contributions within the healthcare domain and her commitment to the community and personal pursuits create a tapestry that embodies excellence, compassion, and progress. Her role as a surgery center operator, coupled with her diverse background, philanthropic inclinations, and harmonious personal interests, defines a remarkable individual who continues to inspire and shape the healthcare landscape.